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A Guide To Image Sizes & Pricing

Image Aspect Ratio
On this site you will find images of varying dimensions, or aspect ratios. These ratios simply describe the width x height of an image as a ratio that suggests the image shape. Landscape formatted images have a wide aspect ratio like (example 3 x 2) where portrait formatted images have a vertical aspect ration (example 2 x 3). 

Aspect ratios do not determine the size of an image, only its visual dimension. So an image may have an aspect ratio such as 3 x 2 but may be printed in sizes that reference that ratio; 12" wide x 8" tall or 24" x 16", and other print size versions of the 3 x 2 aspect ratio that work with an image. 

Panoramic Images
You will find numerous panoramic images on this site. Panoramic images are defined as images where the width of an image is much greater than its height.  Panoramic images have a wide aspect ratio like 2 x 1, 3 x 1 , and 4 x 1. Panoramas are created by taking multiple shots of the subject matter and meticulously stitching those shots together. An example of a panorama image can be seen below. This image has a  3 x 1 images. It is available as a 10" x 30" print.

Infinitude No. 5 | Death Valley  |  Celebrating National Parks in California 2016Infinitude No. 5 | Death Valley | Celebrating National Parks in California 2016Infinitude No. 5 | Death Valley
Juried Selection: Celebrating National Parks in California at the Wilding Museum in Solvang, California.
Exhibit Dates: June 18 - October 3, 2016
10 x 30

Panoramas are great pieces art for places with a lot of wall space. They make great art for above a headboard in a bedroom, over a couch in the living room, or over a door frame. They are great for office waiting rooms, hallways, meeting rooms, and your personal office.

Common Image Aspect Ratio
Most images coming out of a camera are typically 2 x 3 in ratio. This permits the creation of images in sizes that match that ratio...such as 8" x 12" or 16" x 24" and larger sizes too. Below is an example of an image with 2 x 3 aspect ratio.

Goleta Pier #1Goleta Pier #1Goleta Beach in Goleta, California.

Many of the images available at Rademacher Photography have this 2 x 3 aspect ratio. On this site you will see pricing for the smallest image available which is a 8" x 12" image that has a 2 x 3 aspect ratio. A limited number of my images have a 3 x 4 or a 5 x 7 aspect ratio. Images with these aspect ratios fit nicely into many types of frames and can be use as table top or wall images. 

Image Sizes Available & Fine Art Types
Many images on this site are available in large and smaller sizes. The largest size available will be listed with each image. Fine art images are available as either a print on archival quality paper or as a high quality metal print.

Fine Art Image Product Pricing
Image pricing includes cost of materials as well as labor and costs associated with image capture, processing, and print production. Contact me regard an image and the size you are looking for and I will provide a price quote for you.

Matting, framing, and shipping costs are not included in the quoted price. Those costs will be added to the final pricing of your purchase. Each image does come with a white border that permits you to have the image framed at your local framing shop...which may save you money when ordering an art print. Metal prints will be shipped ready to hang in your home or office.

Quality Of My Fine Art
When you purchase fine art from Rademacher Photography you can be assured you are getting the original image in its best visual form. It is my policy to keep the art you see in its best presentation aspect ratio and only print using archival materials and inks. I do not crop images to other dimensions to create secondary images for sale. The quality and integrity of my work matters to me because I know it matters to you.

To indicate to you that I have accepted the quality of a print as my original fine art I sign each image. 

Fine Art For You
As your look around the site imagine which images would look great in your home, office, or serve as a treasured gift. Contact me via my contact page to discuss your image preference and art style choice. I can also provide you with a shipping and framing estimate once an image is selected.

Thank you for visiting Rademacher Photography. I look forward to helping you find Fine Art that reflects the beauty and spirit of the great American West.

Craig Rademacher