Publishing & Photography In A Digital Age

I have been interested in image-centric story telling since my first summer as a National Park ranger in 1976. There I learned the value of combining the spoken work with illustrative images. The purpose was to not only tell a compelling story but to influence a visitor's appreciation of the place they were visiting. It was one part technique, another part art, and a third part inspiration. As rangers we interpreted the natural world so others could understand it. That interpretation took place in personal presentation and very often in printed publications. Things have changed a great deal since 1976. But the value of image-centric story has not gone away. We just deliver these stories in new ways.


Image above: Screen shots of PIRO Journal (cover, table of contents, image panel) © 2010 Craig E Rademacher.

Not too long ago the state-of-the-art method of publishing a digital document was to publish it on the Internet as a web-based publication. This typically meant using Flash or some other solution to create eZines. Some publishing services, such a Yudu, provide a one-stop publishing solution. My publishing effort with the PIRO Journal (see above) used this type of technology. Although I had the skills to do-it-yourself many photographers do not have these skills.


Image above: Screen shots of BORREGO iPad Brochure (cover, home screen, and splash screen) @ 2011 Craig E Rademacher

With the advent of the iPad in 2010 the push to move publication to tablet devices, and make them mobile, began. In response to that I travelled to Southern California to study and photography Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. The result of this several month project was the development of a new type of park brochure for the iPad. Called, BORREGO, the app shares stories, tips, and guides regarding the wise use and safe experience of California's largest state park. BORREGO is available in iTunes and continues to sell.


Printed photo books (above) and professional presentations (below) produced by Craig E Rademacher.


Evidence shows that the trend toward mobile publishing is on the increase. With tablet device use on the rise bringing photography to this mobile platform is very exciting. Whether you have taken your photographic work mobile or not it is clear that we now live in a post-PC era where eventually we must utilize mobile devices to remain current.

To that end in 2014 Rademacher Photography & Publishing, in conjunction with fellow artists, will take a step toward the wise and forward leaning use of mobile media in photography. The new type of iBook publication for the iPad is called Fast Glass and is available in the Apple iBooks Store.

If you are a artist-photograper interested in pursuing a digital publishing project I am available to provide consulting, design, and production services. Feel free to drop me a note via the contact section of this site.


Craig E Rademacher
Rademacher Photography & Publishing