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The show features images of animals at the Santa Barbara Zoo in two competitor categories: Adult and Junior. Competitors submitted digital images for panel judging. From that group semi-finalists were asked to submit framed prints for final judging. Final images are on display at the Volentine Gallery in the Santa Barbara Zoo Discovery Pavilion.

Flamingo Flow ImageFlamingo Flow Appearing in the Wild Things photography exhibit at the Santa Barbara Zoo through August 7, 2018.

My image Flamingo Flow was selected as one of 20 adult entries for the exhibition. Over 250 entries were submitted as part of the competition. A 20 x 10 print of Flamingo Flow was framed and now hangs in the Volentine Gallery in the Discovery Pavilion through August 7, 2018. Entry to the exhibit is free with zoo admission.

All images are for sale and part of the sale proceeds goes to support the work of the Santa Barbara Zoo in education and conservation.

I am very pleased to have had Flamingo Flow selected for the Wild Things Photography Competition Exhibit. Thank you to the staff and competition planners from the Wilding Museum and Santa Barbara Zoo. Thanks as well to the dedicated individuals who served on the judging panel.

Also, special thanks to Creative Framing in Corvallis for making Flamingo Flow look great.








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Roughstock Prospect Earns Honorable Mention in Boulder County Photo Exhibition http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/10/roughstock-prospect-earns-honorable-mention On October 13th the 2017 edition of the Boulder County Open Space & Recreation photography exhibition opened in Longmont, Colorado. Titled the Land Through the Lens exhibit the show presented over 90 images of public lands owned by Boulder County, Colorado. I was honored to be invited as one of four featured artist for this show. As part of that invitation my image, In Flight, appeared on the Boulder County Images magazine cover. See In Flight below:

Image of bronc rider at Boulder County Fairgrounds.In Flight Image of saddle bronc rider at Boulder County Fairgrounds.

Honorable Mention: Roughstock Prospect

The largest piece I entered was a panoramic of the Boulder County Fairgrounds during the summer rodeo. The image is titled Roughstock Prospect (below) and shows the rodeo arena during a bull riding event. Bull riding is considered a roughstock event in rodeo. Roughstock Prospect is 36 inches wide and 12 inches tall. All of my exhibition images were presented as metal prints. Reed Art & Imaging in Denver, Colorado produced the final prints and art preparation for presentation at the exhibition. A complete list of all the exhibition awards can be found online at the event website: Land Through the Lens .

Roughstock Prospect | Land Through the Lens Exhibition 2017Roughstock Prospect | Land Through the Lens Exhibition 2017Honorable Mention
Juried Selection: Land Through the Lens Exhibition 2017
The Great Frame Up Gallery, Longmont, Colorado.
Exhibit Dates: October 13- November 3, 2017
Size: 12 x 36

Prize Judge: John Fielder, Colorado. Sponsored by Boulder County Open Space & Recreation.
The image is a panoramic created by combining multiple images. I believe it is a unique take on rodeo photography in that it shows and entire scene in action across a wide prospect, or viewable area. In awarding this image an Honorable Mention for the show John Fielder remarked...

“Aside from this defining the history of Colorado, look at all that is going on with this panoramic photo.
It’s remarkable to capture all of this within the view finder.”  - John Fielder


I am quite pleased to have this image recognized in this show. Having lived in Longmont and enjoyed the Boulder Count public lands I am aware of how important those lands are to the active lifestyle of residents along the front range.

I would like to extend my gratitude to the event organizers from Boulder County, Karen Imbierowicz, and the staff at the Great Frame Up in Longmont. Also thank you to the Prize Juror, John Fielder for his time and commitment to the art of photography in Colorado.



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Sunday Driver Once Again Selected for Juried Show http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/9/sunday-driver-a-exhibited-at-los-angeles-gallery The 1650 Gallery of Echo Park in Los Angeles is currently showing a exhibition titled Dogs, Dogs, Dogs! The exhibition is for photography only and features a wide array of images. This juried show opened August 26th at the 1650 Gallery. My image titled, Sunday Driver, was selected and is currently being exhibited in the Dogs, Dogs, Dogs! gallery show.

Sunday Driver 1650 GallerySunday Driver 1650 GalleryThe 1650 Gallery included Sunday Driver in Dogs, Dogs, Dogs!, a juried exhibition. Exhibition opened August 26, 2017

To see the other selections for the Dogs, Dogs, Dogs! exhibit visit the 1650 Gallery Los Angeles website.

Special thanks to the 1650 Gallery and jurors for their work in selecting and putting together a great show.

Note: Sunday Drive is concurrently showing at the Niza Knoll Gallery in Denver, Colorado. 



(Rademacher Photography | Fine Art & The American West) 1650 gallery 2017 california los angeles rademacher sunday driver http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/9/sunday-driver-a-exhibited-at-los-angeles-gallery Sun, 03 Sep 2017 20:52:19 GMT
Sunday Driver Exhibited At Niza Knoll Gallery http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/7/sunday-driver-exhibited-at-niza-knoll-gallery The Niza Knoll Gallery is the type of art gallery that is high on quality and high concept. Located in Denver's

Niza Knoll Gallery in DenverNiza Knoll Gallery in DenverFine art gallery located in the Denver Art District on Santa Fe.


Historic Arts District on Santa Fe the gallery is about to showcase a new exhibit titled "Gone To The Dogs". As you might imagine it will showcase all types of art that depict dogs.

One of my first images made in Oregon is titled Sunday Driver (below). It was selected for the Gone To The Dogs exhibition. The juror for the exhibition is Amy Norton of the Niza Knoll Gallery. 

Sunday Driver @ Niza Knoll Gallery 2017Sunday Driver @ Niza Knoll Gallery 2017Juried Selection: Gone To The Dogs-Artworks depicting the dog.
Niza Knoll Gallery | Denver, Colorado.
Exhibit Dates: August 4 - September 16, 2017
Size: 18 x 24

Juror: Amy Norton, Niza Knoll.

Sunday Driver is a serendipitous image of sorts made quite unexpectedly in Corvallis, Oregon on a weekend morning. The dog in the image was waiting for his owner to return from a shopping trip at the mall. The dog is a Springer Spaniel and he casually looks out of the front seat of a Ford F-100 Custom Cab c. 1955.

The image was captured quickly after I pulled into the parking lot. I looked over and saw the dog and raised my camera and took two shots. The first was not useable. The second shot became Sunday Driver. It captured a fleeting moment and the feeling of a calm pleasant weekend morning. It demeanor of the dog reminded me of the relaxing quality of a Sunday drive.

Thank you to the Niza Knoll Gallery for including Sunday Driver. Thank you also to Reed Art and Imaging in Denver for their assistance in producing the image for the exhibition. Special thanks to Andee Thompson for her assistance.

(Rademacher Photography | Fine Art & The American West) 2017 corvallis denver art district fine art juried niza knoll oregon rademacher sunday driver http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/7/sunday-driver-exhibited-at-niza-knoll-gallery Fri, 28 Jul 2017 02:56:26 GMT
In Flight Appears On Boulder County's Images Magazine Cover http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/6/-imagesmagzine Images Magazine is a biannual publication of Boulder County division of Parks & Open Space. The magazine tells stories and shares information about issues related to the many parks and open spaces managed by Boulder County, Colorado. Every issue addresses news, stories, information, science, wildlife, property profiles and much more.

imagesS17Boulder County's Images Magazine WebsiteClick on image to visit the Images Magazine website.

Images Magazine is available online and as a downloadable PDF file. The magazine is also available in print form and is free with a subscription. Click on the image above to visit the Images Magazine website.

The cover of the 2017 Summer issue of Images Magazine features a photo from Rademacher Photography. The image is titled In Flight and shows a saddle bronc contestant taking a wild ride at the Boulder County Fairgrounds during the 2016 Boulder County Fair.

Images Magazine Summer 2017Images Magazine Summer 2017My image In Flight on the cover of the 2017 Summer edition of Images Magazine.

The 2017 Boulder County Fair is coming up this July 28th through August 6th. Go to the Boulder County Fair website to learn more details about the event.

I am very pleased to have In Flight appear as the primary photo for the Summer 2017 edition of Images Magazine. Thank you to Karen Imbrierowicz, Partnership Coordinator for Boulder County Parks and Open Space for selecting In Flight for the cover.

Will we see you at the fair this year?


(Rademacher Photography | Fine Art & The American West) 2017 Boulder Boulder County Fair Boulder County Parks and Open Space Colorado Images Magazine rodeo http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/6/-imagesmagzine Mon, 19 Jun 2017 00:01:42 GMT
Barn Door Modern @ Window & Doors Photography Exhibition http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/3/barn-door-modern My image titled, Barn Door Modern, has been selected for exhibition at the 1650 Gallery & Studio on Echo Park Avenue in Los Angeles, California. The juried exhibition is titled Windows & Doors. The exhibit description is....

Windows & Doors 2017Windows & Doors 2017

If life is a journey, what part do windows and doors play? Doors can welcome us in or shut us out, or sometimes lock us in. Doors can offer us escape; adventure, the romance of new beginnings -- heading for adventure and leaving the past behind with the finality of that final slam possibilities. Doors can represent uncertainty and mystery of what's beyond the door.      

~1650 Gallery Exhibit Description


Barn Door Modern is a black and white interpretation of the classic barn door. The image was originally made at the Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historical Site in Montana. The site is operated by the National Park Service.

Barn Door Modern |  Windows & Doors 2017Barn Door Modern | Windows & Doors 2017Juried selection for the Windows & Doors exhibition on March 25, 2017 at the 1650 Gallery & Studio in Los Angeles, California.

"This is an image I have believed in since it was first conceived a while ago. I knew the red bard door outlined by the stark white frame would make a very nice black and white image. I did not know how good until I began the post-processing of the image. I am very pleased to have the image in the Windows & Doors Photography Exhibition."

The exhibition has an opening night reception on March 25, 2017. To learn more about it visit the 1650 Gallery Facebook page.  Thanks to the 1650 Gallery jurors and staff for creating and offering this fine art event.


(Rademacher Photography | Fine Art & The American West) 1650 Gallery 2017 BW Barn Door Modern California Rademacher Windows & Doors fine art exhibition http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/3/barn-door-modern Sun, 19 Mar 2017 17:00:00 GMT
Light Rays Overlays by SleekLens http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/3/sleeklens_review Recently I was contacted by SleekLens, a company out of Copenhagen, Denmark, to write a review of one of their products. SleekLens was founded in 2015 to provide easy to use Photoshop and Lightroom brushes, presets, overlays, and workflows. They also provide a variety of other media production services such as photographer templates and image editing. After looking at what SleekLens produces I agreed to do a review of a series of Photoshop overlays which they forwarded to me for a tryout. This review is limited to the Light Rays Overlays, one of nine different overlay collections offered by SleekLens.

Screen Shot 2017-03-17 at 11.19.14 AMScreen Capture of SleekLens.comSleekLens provides a variety of image editing products and services. SleekLens is based out of Copenhagen, Denmark.


Light Rays & Photography

Light rays are one of the most interesting yet elusive visual elements in photography. They can add both visual interest and depth to an image. Light rays can be captured in-camera or added to an image in post-processing. Light rays can be...

  • Captured in-camera in real time.
  • Created and added in Photoshop,
  • Added in post-processing using Photoshop overlays.

This post will discuss real time light ray capture and the addition of light rays using the SleekLens selection of Photoshop overlays. But first let's talk about what light rays are and how they might be used to enhance an image.

Crepuscular & Anticrepuscular | What's In A Name?

Periodically we see natural light rays in the sky. We commonly refer to these rays of light as sunbeams, sun rays, or even God rays. People have been observing these natural light rays over many millennia and so there are other names for light rays that reflect cultural, geographic, and spiritual interpretations of experiencing this natural phenomenon.

Most natural light rays are seen near the times of dawn or dusk; during the twilight hours. The Latin term for twilight is crepusculum....which is the root word for light rays visible near dusk. Below you can see an example of these light rays, known as Crepuscular rays. In this image the sun beams appear to run parallel to one another with clouds breaking up the light rays into separate shafts of light. We are most likely to see crepuscular rays when we look toward the source of light at twilight. In some more rare instances we may also see light rays directly opposite the light source at the same time. These opposite rays are called anticrepuscular rays.

Anticrepuscular light rays appear on the horizon when we have our backs to the light source (i.e., the sun). Anticrepuscular rays are not as commonly seen although I have see some looking back at dusk from Longmont into the Great Plains. Like most light rays anticrepuscular rays appear to converge to a point on the horizon. Both types of light rays seem to visually converge to a single point in the distance.

Light rays run parallel in front of the Rocky Mountains.Parallel Crepuscular RaysLight rays appear as parallel sun beams along the front range of the Rocky Mountains. Image by Craig Rademacher

Given this, the image above is not your typical view of crepuscular light rays. Even so, the parallel nature of light rays in this image is the most accurate way of understanding the even flow of light from its source (i.e., the sun). Light runs away from the sun in parallel beams. However, and very importantly, it is not how we commonly see crepuscular or anticrepuscular light rays.

Our view of light rays is normally defined by something called the perspective effect. This perspective effect is the same phenomenon we see when looking down the length of  a long plowed field or down a rail line. The parallel lines of the field or rail tracks seem to converge in the distance. This is why crepuscular light rays appear to originate from a single place.... it is a bit of visual trickery ... brought on by the perspective effect.

Light Ray Imagery

Capturing crepuscular rays in-camera is not difficult. You do need to place yourself in a location near twilight in order to see and then photograph these interesting light rays. The light rays are always more visible when dust or moisture is in the air. So, changing weather conditions and foggy days may be good opportunities to hunt for crepuscular rays. The image below is an example of such a time when a shaft of light seems to light a mountain bike near a trail I was hiking. This is an example of when a single visible crepuscular light ray was visible to the human eye and then captured in-camera.

Natural ray of light falls on a mountain bike.Natural Light RaySingle crepuscular light ray falls on a mountain back in the the Colorado foothills.

Another way to capture beams of natural light is to use your lens to create a starburst effect. The image below provides a visual example of a starburst effect photo made in northern Michigan on an early autumn evening. To make this image I set my camera on a tripod and set the aperture to f22 (ISO 100, 2.5 sec). This small aperture creates the starburst effect in the image. This same effect can be used to create starbursts in night photography and other settings.

SmallApertureSample-1Starburst and Lens FlairImage shot at dusk at f22 with long exposure.

So it is clear that photographers can capture natural light rays and even produce lens flair and starburst effects from natural light sources. The key feature of using these light ray sources is to use them to enhance an image. Now let's look at how we can add light rays using artificial light overlays in Photoshop. In the following examples I will show the results of blending three original images with light ray overlays to create new visual effects.

Light Ray Overlays From SleekLens

SleekLens produces and sells a series of Photoshop overlays that permit you to add light rays in your images. They also provide tutorials on product use and even offer editing services. I tried out three different light ray overlay samples to test how these SleekLens products would enhance some of my images. In doing this I had three types of image enhancements I wanted to explore. These were to use SleekLens Light Ray Overlays to...

  • Subtly add visual interest to an image.
  • Create a more dynamic image.
  • Create an art image in Photoshop.

Example 1: Light Ray Overlay for Visual Interest

In this example I added the SleekLens Rays-6-Colour overlay to a photograph of light kissing some stalks of grass in a forest field. Image A is before application of the light ray overlay. Image B shows the overlay applied in Photoshop. You can learn how to apply overlays at SleekLens' How To section.

SleekLens Demo 3-2Image A Before Ray-6-Colour application in Photoshop.

Image A (above) shows a duller and flatter image than Image B (below) which has the SleekLens Light Ray Overlay applied in Photoshop. Image B shows improved visual interest. This is a subtle application of a light ray overlay.

SleekLens Demo 3-1Image BWith addition of Photoshop Light Ray Overlay from SleekLens.

Example 2: Making A More Dynamic Image

In this image we see Goleta Beach in California during sunset. Although the image is fine as it is, the addition of a Light Ray Overlay adds a more dynamic visual quality to the original. In this case I used the SleekLens LightRay-8-Directional in Photoshop. This included rotating the overlay to match the original scene. This is a key idea in using overlays properly...matching overlay selection and use to the original image to make the final image look authentic.

Light Ray Demo 1-2Image AOriginal image of Goleta Beach in Goleta, California.

Image A (above) is fine as is. Image B (below) has a more dynamic feel after the light ray overlay application and minor blending adjustments. This is a more purposeful use of a light ray overlay to enhance an image.

Light Ray Demo 1-1Image BSleekLens Light Ray Overlay applied to provide a more dynamic image.


Example 3: Creating Photoshop Art With Overlay

In this example I have taken an image of a location called the Devil's Backbone near Loveland, Colorado shot in the late afternoon and applied an overlay to create something that did not exist at the time. Using a light ray overlay helps create an entirely different image and perspective on the place photographed. In this before-after example I used the SleekLens Light Ray-13-Strong overlay.

Light Ray Demo 2-2Image AOriginal image of the Devil's Backbone area without an overlay.

Image A (above) without overlay seems sort of lifeless. Image B (below) with SleekLens overlay and adjustments in Photoshop seems to pop and has an exciting quality to it. The key here was to select the overlay with the best "visual fit" for the original image. Then minor adjustments to color and tone are made to create the final Photoshop art image. In this example the light ray overlay is an prominent feature of the final image.

Light Ray Demo 2-1Image BDevil's Backbone image with SleekLens Light Ray Overlay applied in Photoshop.

SleekLens Light Ray Overlays In Review

I found the SleekLens Light Ray Overlays fun and easy to use. The SleekLens website was easy to navigate and provided clear instructions on how to apply overlays, manage opacity, and color. I enjoyed working with the SleekLens overlays.

As a fine art photographer I am a bit conservative with the choice to use Photoshop overlays in general. My perspective is that the application of overlays needs to be purposeful and not just thrown on an image to provide glitz. In my examples I carefully selected original images that would likely be enhanced by the overlay application. 

Keep in mind that my approach to my art work is to present photographs that reflect the spirit and authenticity of the American West. So, I choose to use overlays lightly and very selectively. You may take a less conservative approach to your art.

Overall I would recommend that readers take a look at SleekLens and their products. You just may find the help you need to create the images you envision.


Disclaimer: SleekLens provided overlays samples for use in this review. SleekLens did not provide any financial compensation for this review.

(Rademacher Photography | Fine Art & The American West) 2017 Photoshop Rademacher SleekLens light ray overlay product review http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/3/sleeklens_review Sat, 18 Mar 2017 20:42:06 GMT
2017 Crow Show Opens Today http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/2/2017-crow-show-opens-today Murder On St. Vrain Creek In Exhibition 

The Crow Show 2017 opens today at the Studio Door in San Diego, California. My image titled Murder on St. Vrain Creek is appearing in the online version of the exhibition. The image was made this past December while I walked along the St. Vrain Creek in Longmont, Colorado.

The Murder On St. Vrain Creek | The Crow Show 2017The Murder On St. Vrain Creek | The Crow Show 2017Juried Selection: The Crow Show 2017
The Studio Door Gallery, San Diego, California.
Exhibit Dates: February 3- 26, 2017
Size: 16 x 24

Juror: Kathy Kelsey Foley, Director of the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, WI.

The image shows a group of crows, called a murder, as they swarm over the frozen St. Vrain. The creek meanders through a semi-urban landscape. The image is punctuated by the angular conveyor shaft of an industrial site. The Murder on St. Vrain Creek juxtaposes the beauty of flying crows and the coldness of the industrial setting. Crows are truly adaptable birds.


The Crow Show 2017 features an online exhibition in addition to a studio show. You can examine the online show here. With only a handful of photographs included I am very pleased to have my image included in The Crow Show.

The Crow Show 2017 Catalog is also ready for viewing online and for printing.

Congratulations to all the artists with selected work in The Crow Show 2017. Special thinks to Patric Stillman, of the Studio Door, and the exhibition juror Kathy Kelsey Foley, Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum Director in Wisconsin.

The in-gallery version of The Crow Show runs from February 3-26, 2017.

(Rademacher Photography | Fine Art & The American West) 2017 California Colorado Longmont Murder on St. Vrain Creek Rademacher San Diego The Crow Show http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/2/2017-crow-show-opens-today Fri, 03 Feb 2017 21:02:22 GMT
Twitter Roundup Image @ Representing The West Exhibition http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/1/representing-the-west-exhibition-opens Twitter Roundup Now Showing In Representing the West Exhibition

Yesterday I travelled to Pueblo, Colorado to get a preview of my photograph Twitter Roundup at the Representing the West: A New Frontier exhibition. It is at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center.

RTW_e-blast_inviteExhibition Postcard

The image is an intimate view of a cowboy looking at his mobile phone while his trusty steeds seem to look on. It was printed small to get people to move to it and look close up at this now common moment of the modern cowboy experience. Here are some images from the exhibition showing Twitter Roundup.

Some incredible art in a wide array of media. So pleased to have one of my images included.

Thank you to the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center staff and Don Stinson (juror) for their dedicated work.


(Rademacher Photography | Fine Art & The American West) 2017 Pueblo, CO Rademacher Sangre de Cristo Arts Center Twitter Roundup http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/1/representing-the-west-exhibition-opens Sun, 29 Jan 2017 17:06:19 GMT
The Crow Show 2017 | The Murder On St. Vrain Creek Selected http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/1/crow-show-2017 The Murder On St. Vrain Creek  | Longmont, Colorado

Not too long ago came across a murder of crows along St. Vrain Creek in Longmont, Colorado. The St. Vrain is an urban waterway that crows use as a roosting site. On this cold December morning I was amazed by the number of crows in their roost. I have not seen that number before or afterwards.

As I approached the crows they swarmed around me and seemed to come from all directions. The image below captures the energy of the crows as they flew above the frozen creek and across my field of view of an urban industrial setting. I have titled the image...The Murder On St. Vrain Creek. This image has been selected to appear in The Crow Show 2017 at The Studio Door in San Diego. To me the image depicts the power of nature as a counterpoint to the dominating force of industrialization.

The Murder On St. Vrain Creek | The Crow Show 2017The Murder On St. Vrain Creek | The Crow Show 2017Juried Selection: The Crow Show 2017
The Studio Door Gallery, San Diego, California.
Exhibit Dates: February 3- 26, 2017
Size: 16 x 24

Juror: Kathy Kelsey Foley, Director of the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, WI.

The juror for The Crow Show 2017 is Kathy Kelsey Foley, Director of the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum in Wausau, Wisconsin. Her organization sponsors a venerated annual Birds In Art exhibition.

The Murder On St. Vrain Creek is one of 200 art pieces submitted for The Crow Show 2017. Only 58 pieces from 56 artists from across the nation were selected for the combined studio and online exhibition. All pieces will be included in the exhibition catalog and online.

The Crow Show 2017 opens on February 3, 2017 and runs until February 26, 2017. Stop by The Studio Door then to catch the entire show.

The Studio Door
3750 30th Street
San Diego, CA  92104


(Rademacher Photography | Fine Art & The American West) 2017 California Colorado Crow Show Longmont Rademacher San Diego The Murder On St. Vrain Creek http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2017/1/crow-show-2017 Sat, 14 Jan 2017 19:59:23 GMT
Twitter Roundup Selected For 2017 Exhibition http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2016/11/twitter-roundup-selected-for-exhibition Received great news recently that my fine art image titled Twitter Roundup was selected as part of the 2017 exhibition at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center in Pueblo, Colorado. The exhibition is themed...Representing the West: A New Frontier. The call for entry described the exhibition theme as...

We are interested in artwork in any medium that considers the changing cultures and myths of the American West. We welcome non-traditional subject matter, materials and concepts as well as traditional depictions of the West, including audio and video submissions.

Twitter Roundup was one of only 60 art pieces selected for exhibition in Representing the West: A New Frontier. There were 550 works submitted for review by the exhibit juror. I was very pleased and honored to have Twitter Roundup accepted.

Twitter RoundupTwitter RoundupTwitter Roundup Juried Selection: Representing the West: A New Frontier at the Sangre de Cristo Art Center in Pueblo, Colorado Exhibit Dates: February 3 - March 19, 2017

Twitter Roundup shows a cowboy at a Longmont, Colorado rodeo resting along with his horses between events. Together the horses seem to look on as the seated cowboy checks his mobile phone. The image will show as an 8 x 12 fine art print. The exhibition will run from February 3rd to March 19th in 2017. 

Thank your to the exhibit juror and the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center staff for managing art selections and holding the event. I am looking forward to attending opening night on Friday February 3, 2017.

Sangre de Cristo Arts Center
210 N. Santa Fe Ave.
Pueblo, CO 81003

(Rademacher Photography | Fine Art & The American West) 2017 Pueble, Colorado Rademacher Representing the West Sangre de Cristo Arts Center Twitter Roundup art fine http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2016/11/twitter-roundup-selected-for-exhibition Sun, 20 Nov 2016 19:20:05 GMT
2016 Epson International Pano Awards - Infinitude No. 5 Recognized http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2016/10/2016-epson-pano-awards-recognizes-rademacher-photography Over the past few months the 2016 Epson International Pano Awards for panoramic fine art photography has been accepting entries. Upon closing in July over 4,000 individual images had been entered. These entries came from 1055 photographers in 60 countries. This was truly an international competition.

The competition was divided into to three large groups representing photographer types. The first was an "open" competition where professional photographers could submit single shot or stitched panorama images for the contest. The total number of entries in the open category was 2,496. The open category had both nature and a built environment image categories. 

The second competition group was an amateur category. This group had 1635 entries. The final group was a virtual reality group. This VR/360 group was composed of 214 images. 

I entered two images in the open (nature) competition. My best image was one that was on exhibition in California and was titled Infinitude No. 5 | Death Valley.

On October 12th the results of the 2016 Epson Pano Awards were forwarded to entrants. The top images in the open (nature) category are truly spectacular. I would encourage readers to review the Top 50 Open (Nature) images on the Pano Awards website.


Although Infinitude No. 5 | Death Valley did not make the top 50 category my image was recognized with a Bronze Certificate of Merit in the 2016 Epson Pano Awards. This recognition placed the image in the top level (upper 45%) of all images submitted in the competition. I was quite honored to have the image included in the top collection of fine art panorama photographs from around the world for 2016. It is certainly inspiring for future work.

Infinitude No. 5 | Death Valley is available from Rademacher Photography as a fine art print. Maximum size of the image is 10" x 30" plus a small white border to make it easier to frame. Contact me if you have an interest in the image.

Craig Rademacher

(Rademacher Photography | Fine Art & The American West) 2016 Death Valley Epson International Pano Awards Infinitude No. 5 Rademacher awards panorama recognition http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2016/10/2016-epson-pano-awards-recognizes-rademacher-photography Tue, 18 Oct 2016 22:12:01 GMT
Modern Sparrow | Wins Best of Show! http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2016/10/modern-sparrow-wins-best-of-show The year 2016 has been a positive year for my fine art work. Two of my images were accepted in exhibitions in the first half of the year. The first was Corvus Novem and the second was Infinitude No. 5 | Death Valley. Both had successful shows in California.

Then in July one my image titled Modern Sparrow was accepted in the I'll Fly Away: The Nature of Birds exhibition at the 1650 Gallery in the Echo Park district of Los Angeles. 

Modern Sparrow by Craig RademacherModern SparrowModern Sparrow was selected Best of Show and was a juried selection in I'll Fly Away: The Nature of Birds. Event conducted at the 1650 Gallery in Los Angeles, California Exhibit Dates: July 23, 2016


Upon the launch of the exhibition I received notice that Modern Sparrow was recognized as the Best of Show image for the event. I was very pleased to say the least. 

The I'll Fly Away: The Nature of Birds exhibit closed in August. The Modern Sparrow image became part of the permanent collection at the 1650 Gallery.

Modern Sparrow is available as a limited edition print (12 x 8)  from Rademacher Photography.

Craig Rademacher


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The Top Shots: Longmont Volleyball Classic http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2016/7/best-images-longmont-volleyball-classic Shooting The Longmont Volleyball Classic
On a recent weekend Roosevelt Park in Longmont, Colorado was the site of the Longmont Volleyball Classic (LVC). The LVC included ten different divisions and was open to paying participants. Hundreds of volleyball players participated over the two day event (June 25 & June 26).

As I live near Roosevelt park I stopped by to see event and took my camera. I ended up visiting the event both days and capturing the action with my Canon 7D. I have donated many images to the LVC through a client link on this website. I was granted permission to photograph the event by Mary Wellems, one of the event organizers. You can contact the LVC at their website to find out more about seeing the complete set of event images.

To give you a hint in terms of the type of action the LVC offered I am posting The Top Shots from the event. These images really show the athleticism and range of play that was evident. Unfortunately I did not get images of everyone. Even so the images presented show two fun days of volleyball on the grand lawn of Roosevelt Park in Longmont.

You can watch the slide show full screen and go to its image collection area and see the images individually.

All images are the copyright of Craig Rademacher. Any use of the images by the Longmont Volleyball Classic or others should credit the images appropriately (© Craig Rademacher).

Thanks to Mary Wellems and the Longmont Volleyball Classic for letting me photograph the event. It was very two hot but very fung days of great action in a great Longmont event!

If you are interested in getting a print of any of the individual images please feel free to contact me through this website and indicate the image you are interested in by name and number. I will get back to you regarding follow up information as needed.


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Celebrating National Parks of California Exhibit http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2016/5/celebrating-national-parks-of-california-exhibit This year, 2016, is the centennial year of the establishment of the National Park Service. Although Yellowstone was established as a national park in 1872 the protection of that resource was handled by both the U.S. military and eventually the civilian government for 44 years. The National Parks Service (NPS) became the agency of the Department of the Interior that was given responsibility of managing national parks in 1916. The Park Service and number and types of park areas it manages has grown tremendously over the past 100 years.

As a way of honoring the NPS and the national parks within California the Wildng Museum of Art and Nature in Solvang, California established a call of entries for the Celebrating National Parks in California Exhibit. The exhibition will run from Friday, June 17, 2016 to October 3, 2016. 

The call for entry was managed via OnlineJuriedShows.com. Currently the virtual exhibition is on display there. I entered two pieces in the competition. One of my two entries, Infinitude No. 5 | Death Valley, was accepted for inclusion in the Celebrating National Parks in California exhibit.

Infinitude No. 5Infinitude No. 5 | Death ValleyInfinitude No. 5 | Death Valley Juried Selection: Celebrating National Parks in California at the Wilding Museum in Solvang, California. Exhibit Dates: June 18 - October 3, 2016

Dozens of entries were reviewed by the exhibition jurors who represented expertise in western art, photography, and painting. Selection was limited to 51 unique entries for the Wilding Museum exhibition. Only a handful of photographs were chosen to be included in the 51 accepted entries.

About The Image
The Infinitude No. 5 | Death Valley fine art image was made in January of 2016 during my first visit to Death Valley National Park. It is a 10" x 30" panorama make up of twelve individual images. Each image was shot with a 50 mm lens in order to approximate the normal view of the human eye. The image was created by selectively managing the color and visual density of the panorama. It represents a new focus of my landscape work and is perhaps best understood from the artist statement below.


Artist Statement
Infinitude No. 5 | Death Valley

To be in a wild landscape is an opportunity to experience the infinite. This long-held idea of infinitude in nature is reflected in the creative approaches of a number of landscape painters that have inspired my work.


Hudson River School master Thomas Moran depicted humans in landscapes in small scale as a means of illustrating the grandeur of the natural world. Canadian artist Lawren Harris used color and modernist form to communicate the universal spiritual value that the landscapes of the Canadian North embodied. Western landscape artist Maynard Dixon used simplification of shape coupled with broad perspective to present the humbling vastness of the great American interior west.


My approach to landscape photography uses the ideas of these master painters in the composition and development of a photographic image. As part of that process, I create large format images depicting human activity as near insignificant, or absent, in a landscape that is visually smoothed to a simpler conceptual form. I intentionally constrain the depiction of national park lands as vacation spaces defined by human dominance or activity. The goal of my work is to envision landscapes that inspire a contemplative understanding of wild places through scale and a rendering of how spirit and matter are joined in the experience of nature. 


My process involves making a series of highly detailed images of a chosen landscape. These are combined into a large scale panoramic image. During image processing special attention is paid to retaining and managing elements of detail, color, and scale that contribute to a sense of universality. In this sense my editing reflects a spiritual exploration of activity and repose that mirrors the visual quality of the final image.

I am quite pleased to have this image accepted in this important exhibition. To have Infinitude No. 5 selected by the talented and highly respected jurors is truly an honor. I am looking forward to the event.

Exhibition Jurors
The jurors for the Celebrating National Parks in California exhibition were:

Judy Larson
Santa Barbara, California

Marc Muench
Santa Barbara, California

Thomas Paquette
Warren, Pennsylvania


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Fine Art Image, Corvus Novem, Appears In Crow Show Catalog and Website http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2016/2/corvus-novem-update-appears-in-crow-show-catalog-and-website My image Corvus Novem was recently selected to be part of an exhibit known as The Crow Show '16 at The Studio Door gallery in San Diego, California. The exhibit opens on February 5th and runs through the month.  

Today the Studio Door published a new version of their website that featured The Crow Show '16. Visit their site online at  The Studio Door. See a screenshot of The Crow Show '16 catalog cover below.


Once at The Studio Door website you can select The Crow Show '16 image and it will take you to the exhibition page. Within the exhibition page you will find an online gallery, description of the event, best of show awards, and a link to a show catalog published via ISSUU.  I have include a link to the ISSUU catalog below:


The Studio Door Director, Patric Stillman, is the producer of The Crow Show '16 and has created a great venue for artists. His ability to also present exhibitions online and via a catalog is also great for artists.

Corvus Novem appears on page 53 of The Crow Show '16 catalog as well as in the online exhibition.  The Crow Show '16 has an opening reception on Saturday, February 6th from 6:00 PM-9:00 PM at The Studio Door in San Diego. See exhibition details here. The image Corvus Novem depicts nine (novem) crows (corvus) atop a pine tree seeming to oversee their domain. The image uses the near perfect black of the nine crows to visually punctuate the stark white background of a foggy day. The image serves as a metaphor for how crows, and other black birds, have punctuated the human psyche in mystical and spiritual ways over time.

Thank you to Patric Stillman for his hard work. Thanks also go out to the Juror of The Crow Show, Michele Diesel. It is an honor to have Corvus Novem in The Crow Show '16: A Celebration of Black Birds.

Craig E Rademacher


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Corvus Novem Selected For The Crow Show 2016 http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2016/1/corvus-novem-selected-for-the-crow-show The Crow Show 2016: A Celebration Of Black Birds

This coming February (Feb 5-28) a San Diego fine art gallery and contemporary art incubator known as The Studio Door will host an international exhibition known as The Crow Show 2016. The Crow Show is described as A Celebration Of Black Birds and is the second offering of the event by The Studio Door. The 2015 show was the great idea of Patric Stillman who is the Founder/Director of The Studio Door.

The Crow Show is juried international exhibition that includes a gallery showing, an online exhibition, and a show catalog. The gallery show will be February 5-28 at The Studio Door with a concurrent online gallery. 

In response to The Crow Show 2016 call 191 entries were received by the The Studio Door. Michelle Deziel, Independent Curator and Art Consultant who is the Former Curator with the Norton Simon Museum of Art in Pasadena, California served as the show juror. A final total of 57 artist/artworks were selected for inclusion in The Crow Show 2016.

Corvus Novem Selected
One of my fine art images, Corvus Novem,  is one of the 57 entries selected for The Crow Show 2016. Corvus Novem was selected to be exhibited as part of the online gallery (22 total online selections). 

Corvus Novem | The Crow Show 2016Corvus Novem | The Crow Show 2016Corvus Novem
Juried Selection: The 2016 Crow Show: A Celebration of Black Birds.
The Studio Door Gallery, San Diego, California.
Exhibit Dates: February 5- 28, 2016
Size: 10 x 20

The Corvus Novem image shows nine crows perching in a pine tree. Their black bodies contrast with a nearly blank background. This visual presentation serves as a metaphor for how crows and other mystical black birds have punctuated the human psyche over time.

The image was made on a rainy and foggy morning which provided the blank background for the image. 

The Crow Show 2016 Opening
Opening night of The Crow Show 2016 is Saturday February 6th with a reception from 6 PM to 9 PM.

I am quite please to be included with the many talented artists with work at The Crow Show 2016.

Visit the Studio Door website for up to date information.



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Testing The Canon 5DS At Fiesta http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2015/8/fiesta_Canon_5Ds Old Spanish Days - Fiesta 2015
In Santa Barbara, California we celebrate Old Spanish Days, or Fiesta, in the first week of August. It is a very fun series of events that includes folk dancing, traditional music, great food, the largest equestrian parade in the country and even a rodeo. For Fiesta this year I decided to photograph a number of the events with a Canon 5DS camera. This is the new Canon camera that is raising eyebrows for its 50.6 megapixel full frame sensor. 

Since I normally shoot a Canon 7D being able to shoot the Fiesta events with a full frame sensor, higher ISO capabilities, and better overall quality was a treat.  I rented the 5DS because it retails for $3700 and I wanted to test it to see if it was something I might plan to purchase. I rented the 5DS from Samy's Camera in Santa Barbara and tested it over six days.  What follows is a description of my experiences with the 5DS. 

La Fiesta Pequeña
Perhaps the most popular kickoff event of Fiesta is La Fiesta Pequeña, or the little fiesta, held the Wednesday evening of the week of Old Spanish Day. This event is held on the steps of the Santa Barbara Mission just as the sun sets. Colored lights bathe the old mission while dancers of all traditions entertain the huge crowd. The highlight of the night was the first dancer known as the Spirit of Fiesta. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge image.

Fiesta Image-6Spirit of Fiesta 2015Alexandra Freres dances as the 2015 Spirit of Fiesta. (169 mm, ISO 3200, 1/200 f4.0)

I worked this event from about 200' away with a 70-200 f 2.8 lens and a 1.4 extender. With the 5DS I was able to crank up the ISO and shot the event hand held. In spite of that the reputation of the 5DS not excelling in action types of settings I was able to capture some useable images. Overall I was impressed the the ISO capabilities and sharpness of these images taken under changing light conditions and all hand held. The dynamic range did seem a bit compressed in my results. 

Las Noches de Ronda (Night of Gaiety)
Thursday night was an opportunity to shoot just the 70-200 lens at Las Noches de Ronda which is held at the Santa Barbara Courthouse sunken gardens. Arriving event after a few hundred other spectators I did not get very close to the stage. In spite of that the ability to crop a 50 megapixel image and still find useable content was interesting. The image below is an extremely cropped images of dancers on a distant stage. 

Fiesta Image-41Evening DancersShot with a 70-200 lens. (115 mm, ISO 3200, 1/125, f2.8)

Even cropped to about 20% of the original image size left an interesting and pretty decent image. But the distance and extreme low light shows some noise in the black areas and even skin tones. I found 3200 was the highest ISO I could shoot this type of event and even then with poor light the quality of the image at that ISO suffers. That is easily seen in the jpeg version. I found 6400 not useable in this setting. 

This second image is not of Fiesta but of a black phoebe on the rooftop outside my residence. It also shows the power of the crop with the 5DS. The first image is full frame in size. The second is cropped to 25% of the original. Remarkable sharpness and background given my long lens and distance from subject.

power of crop50 Megapixels Cropped Even cropped in post production the quality of the image looks more like a zoom than a physical crop. Impressive!

Old Spanish Days Parade: Viva Fiesta!
Friday brought an opportunity to grab some images at the Fiesta Parade. The parade is the largest equestrian parade in the United States. The 2015 Fiesta Parade showcased approximately 500 horses. So, if you like photographing horses this is a nice opportunity. Last year I shot the parade with my 7D with the cropped sensor. This year the 5DS really made a difference.

Fiesta Image-22Mule Drawn WagonShot with a 24-105 mm f4.0 lens.

You get quite close to the horses in this parade so I decided to shoot my Canon 24-105 lens. The 5DS performed extremely well in shooting the parade. I noticed clear differences in the quality of color, sharpness, and detail from the 5DS over my 7D. That seems obvious but when you shoot the images and look at them during post-production it is quite dramatic. This is a big step up in camera quality.

Saturday Night: The Fiesta Rodeo!
The first time I went to the Fiesta Rodeo in 2013 I was disappointed by the images I made. The lighting in the show ground arena is dappled and inconsistent with a strong yellow cast. Even color corrected they were unimpressive.

This time I decided to focus on the 5DS and decided to push things and use my most inexpensive lens...a Canon 50mm f1.8 plastic model. Cost...$100. I wanted to see what the full frame sensor would produce with a lens that approximates what the human eye sees. 

My seat at the arena was at the far end...opposite the bucking bronc rider pens. Distant shots of bucking bulls would not be my focus tonight. Instead I looked for opportunities to catch the feeling of the rodeo arena. Just about sunset I made the image below shooting from behind the calf roping pens.

Fiesta Image-43Fiesta Rodeo NightCalf roper bolts after his target. (50mm, ISO 1600, 1/400, f1.8)

To me this image says a lot about the Canon 5DS. Sloppy light, action, and a short lens and yet it produced one of my favorite rodeo images. The flavor of the evening and the arena are seen in the human eye mimicking 50mm. But it is the quality of the sharpness of the rider coupled with the smoothness of the distance sky that are the products of the 5DS. This shot was taken with an ISO of 1600. I doubt I could have come close to making either the Spirit of Fiesta image above or this calf roper image with my Canon 7D.

So, even though the 5Ds shoots half the frames per second as the Canon 7D Mark II, at 5 frames per second you can get an image. Even though this body is not defined as sports or action lens it did okay in limited use. I will note that buffering and my older compact flash cards did delay shooting. Even still after this night I was pretty convinced about the quality of the 5DS. But, I had two more tests to complete.

Landscape And The 5DS
One of the primary uses of the Canon 5DS and 5DS r is landscape photography. It is a primary use because you can place the camera on a solid tripod and get large format sharp landscape images. So, I thought I would try just that.

I headed down to the local Goleta Beach area on a normal night with a speckling of clouds in the air. By the time I was set up some clouds had moved in and I waited for the sun to drop below the horizon. As it did I set my 24-105 mm lens to 24 mm and the ISO to 100 and narrowed the aperture...f22. This permitted a 2 second exposure to blur the water of the Goleta Beach area and capture the color of the pier in the pinkish light of sunset.

Purple BeachPurple Beach & Goleta PierCanon 24-105 mm f1.4 lens, 24mm, 2 sec, f22.

The image turned out just fine. I was impressed with the sharpness of the pier in the larger version of this image. Again, the dynamic range seemed a bit stunted but the color was very nice. So, on to the final test.

For Me It's Macro!
My final image making experience with the Canon 5DS was two different macro photography scenarios. To me this is the test, up close and going for fine detail. I set up two studio images. The first was a shot of the back of a sand dollar that is common on the beaches here. This sand dollar was two inches across at it's widest....so pretty small. I moved in real close and set a narrow aperture. Light for this shot was a single LED hand held light set to 5000K. So, I took a long exposure to compensate for the narrow aperture and mostly indoor natural light. The image was covered to black and white.

Sand Dollar StudySand Dollar StudyCanon 100 mm Macro, 100mm, 3.2 sec, f/18, ISO 100

I like macro work because you end up seeing things not normally perceived when looking at an object with our normal field of vision. In this case I really liked how the image showed the river-like pattern on the bottom of the sand dollar (no doubt so water and food can flow in and out as the sand dollar rests on the ocean floor). The white speckled bumps shows were what you feel as you run your finger across the surface of this creature. 

Summertime SweetsSummertime SweetsRaspberry still life. Canon 100 mm macro, ISO 100, 100 mm, 1/6 sec, f/11.

The second macro image is a more traditional foodie-style still life image (100mm, 1/6 sec, f11, ISO 100). I bought some local raspberries at the farmer's market and staged them in a small dish. This shot was a more traditional studio shot using two flashes (one in an umbrella, one for accent). Afterwards I dropped the final image into photoshop to add the text.

Overall Thoughts About The Canon 5DS
In the 6 days I had this camera I tried to take a variety of shots in a variety of conditions and styles. I am still impressed by this camera. Two major reasons: Having the 50 megapixels is really nice when cropping is useful. As most reviews say, you rarely need 50 megapixels unless you are printing large. But, I have to admit it sure is handy to have the power of the crop.

Secondly I loved the detail in the images. Even when pushing the sensor limits with poor light the 5DS hung in there. I would definitely shoot at ISO 3200 in good light. You would likely have very good images. My experience at ISO 1600 was impressive to me. I would love to take some images with the 5DS r and a Zeiss Otus lens. Wow, would really be fun!

I thought the 5DS performed admirably in action and even lower light conditions. Although not an action or wildlife body it clear can get you there in a pinch. As a landscape and macro shooter I enjoyed the 5Ds a lot. Finally, I was impressed by the shots of the horses in the Fiesta parade. the detail in their coats was very nice.

You can other test images from the series  here.

Overall the Canon 5DS is an impressive camera. I think I convinced myself I want one. I hope Samy's has one in stock.

Thanks for reading.

Craig E Rademacher

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Happy Solstice! The Parade In Pictures http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2015/6/happy-solstice-the-big-parade-in-santa-barbara Every year Santa Barbara hosts a Solstice Parade. This year the theme was science fiction. Appropriately the parade contained monsters, aliens, spacemen, planets and much more. Watch the slide show below to get a glimpse of this fun event.

You can also visit the gallery to view each image in full screen.

Thanks to all who make the Solstice Parade such fun.

Craig E Rademacher


(Rademacher Photography | Fine Art & The American West) California Rademacher Santa Barbara festival solstice http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2015/6/happy-solstice-the-big-parade-in-santa-barbara Sun, 21 Jun 2015 00:11:12 GMT
Santa Maria Rodeo May 31st http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2015/6/santa-maria-rodeo-may-31st Time flies; as do cowboys off of bulls. This image collection is from the Santa Maria Rodeo on May 31, 2015. The rodeo had one of the best two first rodeo events I have seen a  while. The images capture the range of the event. Hope you enjoy.

Remember you can visit the entire gallery by selecting the Visit Gallery link in the upper right of the slide show window.

Santa Maria Elks put on a great rodeo!

Craig E Rademacher

(Rademacher Photography | Fine Art & The American West) 2015 California Maria Rademacher Rodeo Santa http://www.rademacherphotography.com/blog/2015/6/santa-maria-rodeo-may-31st Sun, 21 Jun 2015 00:09:19 GMT