Artist Agreement
Fast Glass: Volume II

Usage Agreement

Artists selected as a Contributing Artist, a Cover artist, or a Premier Image artist agree to grant Rademacher Photography & Publishing the right to utilize any submitted content for the marketing and promotion of the Fast Glass publication; including the use of the submitted content on the website and related promotional print and digital media. Artists also grant Rademacher Photography & Publishing permission to use their name and  likeness for the purposes noted above. Artists retain the copyright to their contributed work. 

Use and layout of the Contributing Artist section content will be at the discretion of the Editor of Fast Glass. As a selected submitting artist in Fast Glass the Contributing Artists will receive a link to their studio website in their Contributing Artist section. The Cover artist and each Premier Image artist will be granted full artistic attribution (copyright date and name) in the publication.

Submission Schedule & Standards
If an artist has their work accepted for publication in Fast Glass they agree to comply with a final submission schedule that will be provided by Rademacher Publishing. Failure to submit work according to the final submission schedule will result in the removal of the artist's submission from consideration for publication. Rademacher Publishing has the sole discretion to remove those artist submissions that do not comply with the final submission schedule. 

Media Licenses & Verification of Use
Artists may be asked to confirm that all submitted media is their original work.   Artists agree to follow attribution guidelines provided by Rademacher Photography & Publishing for audio and video media used by the artist. Each artist is responsible for the compliance verification for legal use of media that is part of their submission (i.e., audio, video clips, illustrations, motion graphics, etc.) but is not created by the submitting artist. Artist may also be asked to provide copies of licenses and/or verification of permissions for media other than their own that are part of their submission. 


Any artist's work contested on licensing or copyright grounds will be removed
from consideration for publication and/or removed from the publication.


Artist Submission Costs:
All costs associated with the production of an artist's submission to Fast Glass are the responsibility of the individual artist. Examples of these types of cost include image production costs, video production costs, licenses related to sound production, and other costs associated with an artist's creation of their submitted content. There is no fee required to make a submission for Fast Glass. 

Rademacher Publishing will be responsible for costs associated with the production and publishing of the multi-touch product submitted to the iBooks® Store including: Design & development costs, marketing and promotion, purchase and registration of ISBN identifier and post release distribution. Fast Glass: Volume II is offered as a FREE publication in the iBooks® Store.

Review of Submissions:
It is the sole discretion of Rademacher Photography & Publishing to accept submissions for potential inclusion in the Fast Glass publication. Submission of work by an artist does not guarantee or imply acceptance of their work in the publication. Artists are not financially compensated in any way for their submission or selection as an artist for the Fast Glass publication. Artists make submissions knowing their work is being published with no current or future compensation agreement or guarantee.

The Editor and Publisher of Fast Glass will select submissions based on the quality, visual messaging, and artistic needs of any given publication. Invitations to participate in Fast Glass: Volume II will begin in September, 2014.

​Rademacher Publishing also reserves the right to remove art due to quality issues, violations of Apple iBooks Store policy, or for cause if necessary. Artists may withdraw their submission at any time prior to publication.


By accepting an offer  to have a submission published in Fast Glass the submitting artist agrees to hold confidential information related to the production and publishing of Fast Glass that are identified as non-disclosable by Rademacher Photography & Publishing. Confidential information covered by this agreement would include:

  • Names and contact information of artists and production staff.
  • Production calendars.
  • Production processes.
  • Production and marketing media (i.e., cover art).
  • Marketing and promotion strategies and plans.
  • Financial and business practices of Rademacher Photography & Publishing.

Disclosure of confidential information without prior approval of Rademacher Photography & Publishing will result in the removal of the artist's submission for publication. Confidential information should not be disclosed to any third party without prior approval by Rademacher Photography & Publishing.

Artist names, contact information and submitted media will not be shared with third parties outside of the publishing and production process. Rademacher Photography & Publishing maintains artist information and media for the purposes of publishing, marketing, and promotion. Rademacher Photography & Publishing does not sell contact information or submitted media to third parties. 

A short "wait list" of submissions to the Fast Glass publication are retained through the publication date unless removal is requested by an artist. This retention permits the Editor of Fast Glass to access an artistic body of work and the artist information in the case of a publication opportunity for said artist should an unscheduled submission cancellation occur. Only published artist information and submission content is retained after the publication date of Fast Glass for which an artist submitted work.


Once you have read this agreement you may now make a SUBMISSION to Fast Glass.